30 minute $12 DIY wood sign (or less)

This sign cost less than $10 to make if you make multiples. $15ish if you do a single. So get your friends in on the fun or better yet, start your Christmas friends/neighbors gifts a little early this year;)

 *Cedar fence plank (one plank is $2.50 at Home Depot and will make 3 signs)
 *Paint (plus plaster of paris if you'd like chalk paint which is my fav. See below for recipe)
 *Vinyl (purchased here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/281331594/welcome-kw1259-vinyl-wall-lettering?ref=shop_home_active_11) For the fence planks I used the 20 x 4 size.
 *Wood stain if you like that look. Below is a photo with no stain. It's cute.
 *Paint brushes (or, as I like to use because it works and I'm cheap, coffee filters. Just make sure you have on gloves).

First step:
 Cut your planks down to roughly 22 inches long (did you know Home Depot will do this for you if needed?). You should be able to get 3 boards that size. Prep the surface by sanding the heck out of your fence plank. Make sure and wipe off with a damp cloth and let dry. Apply paint (I only did one coat). Let dry however long the paint requires. I put mine in the sun and waited 20 minutes.

As you can see in the photo, I didn't sand as well as I probably should but I still like how it turned out. You can sand the edges as much or as little as you'd like. It's your project after all.I like a little more sanding on the edge. I held my sander almost flat on the edge and sanded all the paint off. 

 Chalk board paint option: Same as above just add a little plaster and water to your paint. I had no idea it was that easy. It made the paint thicker and chalky (for a lack of a better word). It was fun. The ratio I used was 3:1:1. So three parts paint to one part water, one part plaster. I used an old Pickle jar and mixed my cold water with the plaster (stirring well so it wont go clumpy) and then eyeballed the paint. I found the ratios all different online so I figured I couldn't go too wrong. And it worked perfectly.

Second step:
 You are ready for the vinyl. If you are new to vinyl stickers I highly recommend watching our installation videos at www.installationvideos.com for some must-know tips to prevent hair pulling (or hand clapping if you are like me;).

Notice how I ripped the transfer tape? This will help if you are having a difficult time getting the vinyl to adhere to the wood.
Also, push down with your fingers as you remove. All of this can be seen in greater detail in the videos. www.installationvideos.com

Vinyl 4 Decor charges a flat $5 shipping so here is where to save money. If you order 3 vinyls that makes this size (the $8 20 x 4 option) only $10 each shipped. 

This photo shows no stain. Still super cute!! 

Last step:
 Seriously!! One last step and that is only if you decide you want to stain the puppy. I took my blow dryer to the vinyl to speed up the "curing" process (also something you can see done at the link above. I tell you they are great videos to watch). It will take your vinyl and almost shrink wrap it to the wood. It's awesome. If you choose not to do this step you may want to either wait a few days for the vinyl to adhere stronger or be super duper careful when rubbing the stain on the board. I used coffee filters again. I don't even drink coffee but I go through these suckers like candy. They have so many good uses! 

Yes, this one is gray. I made the three. Why not?! That makes these cute signs $30. I bought clearance paint at Home Depot and got enough to last at least 20 more signs.

And here is a close up with the board stained. I used the coffee filters again and just rubbed over the entire board (not too much and not really over the vinyl at all). Then I took a dry rag and rubbed off the excess. I love how they turned out:) Now to decide who to give the other two to!